Reclaiming Masculine Christianity (Part 1) - Episode 16

Since the first coming of the Anointed King Jesus, men and women have been delivered out of their pagan and worldly ways. 

However, the last 200 years in America, men and women have been subverted to throw off their God-delegated jurisdictions designed specifically for the man and the woman.

This podcast episode introduces the resurrection of a type of Christian man that is distinctly masculine in contrast with a type of Christian man that wants to play the role of the weaker vessel.

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Authority for Economic Liberty (Part 4) - Episode 14

In this episode of Sunday Scriptures for Patriots, I continue to contrast the Old pagan World of Europe with the New Christian World of America, addressing how to overcome through Christian self-government the evil strongholds in people, institutions, churches, politics, and bureaucracies.

This episode of the Sunday Scriptures for Patriots podcast is available to listen to here.

You can also watch the episode and comment here: 


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The Authority for Economic Liberty & the Protestant Reformation (Part 3) - Episode 13

In this episode of Sunday Scriptures for Patriots, I introduce the authority for economic liberty from the Bible, from the history of the Protestant Reformation, and from the U.S. Constitution. This three-fold witness of what is thoroughly good in America is why America is the New World, as superior to that of the Old World of Europe.

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The Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional Principles of Economic Liberty (Part 2) - Episode 12

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The Biblical, Historical, and Constitutional Principles of Economic Liberty - Episode 11

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No Courts—No Justice

Hear the Word of America's unseen Lawgiver

Tremendous evil appears to be prevailing in modern America. But I don't consent.

President Donald J. Trump remains an injured party to a controversy at law. In the last presidential election, the U.S. Supreme Court in a 6-3 vote refused to hear his case. When a man is not afforded a meaningful opportunity be heard, that is injustice.

However, the higher truth is that injustices in the statehouse and court house did not begin there. The distinctly Christian idea of government begins with oneself > family > church > state—in that order.

When injustices prevail in our nation, it is the church and the family that are at fault, but most especially the church which is the voice of conscience to all.

I present you with a STRONG message, preached as the word of the Lord to His people in this hour. The King's people are MOST responsible for the injustices in America.

Download the Contextual Model: NO COURTS—NO JUSTICE

SHARE this word of the King for the repentance, healing, and restoration of God's people to the King. When His people are restored, the nation will be.

Free people—Free nation. It's an undeniable law. 


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The Right To Travel (God’s Law vs. Mans Law) Part 3 - Episode 10

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An American Christian Family Overcoming an Assault by a Pennsylvania Corporation

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Episode 9 - The Right To Travel Part 2


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Episode 8 - The Right To Travel Part 1

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