American Christian Principles of Government—Part 2: Self-Government

“Each religion has a form of government, and Christianity astonished the world by establishing self-government. With the landing of the Pilgrims in 1620, Christian self-government became the foundation stone of the United States of America.” —Verna Hall, Preface, Christian History of the Constitution (CHOC), p. III.

Thus, today I introduce this second principle of self-government.

Is America a free nation or dependent upon other nations to do good?

Are you a free person or dependent upon others to obey your King?

Building on the first principle of individuality, the governmental principle of self-government will empower you to see whether America and you are free or beholden to strangers.

We are after the authentic freedom of King Jesus Christ, not the paltry substitution of manufactured freedom. Learn about all this and more in Episode 40 of Scriptures for Patriots.
Want to deal a death blow to the evils of socialism? Christians don’t accommodate evil. So gaining clarity on the King’s government of self-government is vital to your relationship with Him and your neighbor. That is the two-fold command in faithful service to Him.
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KEY QUESTION: Are you a self-governed American Christian or are you providing aid, comfort, and compliance to America's enemies?

Here is a revealing way to know—take the PEERS Test to discover how your house is KEY to America's freedom. 

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