An American Christian Family Under Assault from a Pennsylvania Corporation

How can you genuinely know that you are making a positive difference in this world? You’ll know when you're attacked. Attacks are standard operating procedure from people who FEEL threatened by your contribution in advancing the interests of America's unseen King. 

The Durmaz family is experiencing perhaps the most egregious attack in our twenty-four-year history. The very people who invited us to manage their real estate in Shippensburg, Pennsylvania have violently cut us off economically. We are next to homeless and without a stable means of providing.

This attack is evidence of how vital our mission and message is to America: that Americans are a self-governed people. Even when we are assaulted by those who say they know God but deny Him by their lawless behavior, our first response to evil is to govern ourselves. We don't pay in kind to evil because the law of love governs us to do good to all, even our enemies. 

My video post explains in greater detail this attack by a Pennsylvania corporation against the Durmaz family. 

It continues to cost us much to effect a work of repentance, renewal, and restoration of what is distinctly good in America—the government of  King Jesus, which is self-government. His government on His land America is the utterly good news to be proclaimed throughout all the land.

With this recent attack we are hurting financially, but certainly not spiritually. If you find it encouraging that the Durmaz household is exercising, promoting, and defending the good news of our King's government, then please do support this vital work to throw off the yokes of antichristian bondage from America's enemies. 

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