Barry Durmaz v. Ken Myers

Portland, Oregon


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As I made the case in Chapter 7, Wanted Dead AND Alive, in my book What Is An American, where there are no courts, there is no justice. Justice is the very heart of the unseen King. All the nitty gritty blow-by-blow timeline of events are below with much documentation.

In this spiritual court, the injured party, Barry Durmaz, makes the following complaint against Ken Myers for undermining newly acquired commercial accounts from Ken's former employer, Lannie Aulger of Cleaner Image Maintenance, to the financial detriment of Barry's company in the same market as Ken. 

Primary accomplice in this case for failing to mediate the sole remedy for resolving controversy is Dan Franklin, now the Lead Pastor of Life Bible Fellowship Church in Upland, CA. 

Additional accomplices are Bob Dorsey, Jim Dawson, Denny Garvey, James Schmidt, Gregg Harris, and Steve Wells. 

Timeline of Events

September 1, 2006

I acquired the remaining account base of Cleaner Image Maintenance window cleaning division for the purchase price of $140,000 dollars. This division of the company was generating approx. 1.2 million a year. By the time I stepped in to purchase what was left, the accounts were generating approximately 140K a year. This vast reduction in revenue was due in part to company instability, triggered by the fact the company owner was incarcerated for a few months and his window cleaning manager, Ken Meyers, took advantage of the disposed owner and took company records, equipment, and accounts that were purchased from Ken Myers in March 2003.

At the time of negotiations with Lannie, I came to learn that Lannie Aulger filed a lawsuit against Ken Myers for stealing company accounts that had been lawfully purchased from Ken. I encouraged Lannie to deal with this problem, according to Scripture, by pursuing the biblical instruction of confronting an erring brother. The lawsuit was dropped.

January 2007

I received a letter from TMT Development, one of the newly acquired accounts, the largest of them all that generated approx—one-third of the total annual revenue. The letter did not give a reason.

April 2007

I received a letter from another newly acquired account that they were going with another window cleaning company. I have thorough documentation detailing the whole event and where the property manager gave me contradictory information about our discourse, leading to a mysterious breakdown between the management company and our company, Strategic Cleaning & Access.

June 2007

I engaged another newly acquired account by interviewing my point of contact at the Wieden Kennedy building. Ken Myers had come around to undermine this account as the others. However, I did not lose the client because, unbeknownst to Ken Myers, I have a 15 – 20 year personal relationship with the family of that point of contact at Wieden Kennedy. He refused Ken’s undermined solicitation.

July 2007

I learned from one of the men I employ that Ken Myers went to the TMT account and spoke derogatorily about myself and one of the men I employ. This knowledge came to Jorge Magaña because one of Ken’s employees revealed this to Jorge.

December 2007

I decide to confront Ken on the unethical and unchristian business practices he has perpetrated upon Lannie Aulger, myself, and others in our local industry, including Albert Bernal, manager of Millennium Building Services. I began our time together by reading Matthew 18: 15-20. Ken denies any wrongdoing—business is business, he says. Further, he tells me that he learned of my acquiring the CIM division in March of 2008.

This is a lie, confessed by his own employee Rafa, and the evidence I have surrounding that particular event. Property manager, Denise Coulson of TMT Development, asked me without any conversation between us, two questions in December 2006:

  • What other high-rise buildings do we service?

  • Do I use sub-contractors?

I supplied her with the requested information and a few weeks later, received her cancellation letter. As mentioned above, it was in July 2007 that I learned Ken Meyers went to Denise Coulson to tell her I was inexperienced in high-rise window cleaning and that I hired a subcontractor that worked unsafely. He successfully won her over to cancel my service and to conduct business with himself.

Ken agreed to meet with me again because I asked if Jorge could come to speak with Ken.

January 2008

I met with Ken. He tells me that he owes me nothing. He tells me about his animosity toward his former employer Lannie Aulger of Cleaner Image Maintenance (CIM).

In the spirit of Matthew 18: 15-20, I then ask him for someone he respects that could help us work through this problem. He offers Jim Dawson of Good Shepard Community Church. I speak with Mr. Dawson on the phone, but this proves unfruitful, as he accuses me of “fishing” for something. He does not allow the reconciliatory process to move forward—contrary to the ministry Christians have been given in a world of condemnation. Condemnation is what I received from Mr. Dawson.

I asked him that since he sold his company to Lannie, on what basis did he go back to this old former client base and take back the accounts? He reply’s with that they didn’t like to do business with Lannie anymore because of the moral failure, and legal trouble got himself in. The fuller truth is that Ken went to these accounts and spoke falsehood and evil things against his former employer instead of the Christian response of bearing Lannie’s burden and protecting the relationship. Instead, Lannie’s sin was seen as an opportunity for Ken to profit.

April 2008

I see Ken’s men cleaning the windows at the Peterkort Properties. This leads me to believe that Ken is responsible for the strange and mysterious way I lost that account.

Other accounts: It is a mystery why other property managers do not return my phone calls. What other accounts has Ken lied to and spoken evil of concerning me?

Testimony of Others: I have interviewed six individuals that have first-hand knowledge of Ken Meyer's behavior in his business practices. I have asked them all to give me written testimony, but only two were willing due to the fear of being accused of libel. Yet every one of them, without question, does not hesitate to tell me verbally of the unethical and clearly unchristian behavior of this man to verbally abuse his competition in the local industry. Ken’s character has a reputation for exploiting the weaknesses and shortcomings of others, all the while confessing to being a believer in Jesus Christ.

These individuals are:

  • Lannie Aulger—the owner of CIM

  • Jorge Mangaña—high-rise window cleaner

  • Albert Bernal—window cleaning manager at Millennium Building Services

  • Jared Reck—President of CIM

  • Ben Kelly—window cleaning manager of CIM

  • Stewart Van Rys—the owner of See Moore Clearly Window Cleaning


May 26; Appeal to my elders Denny Garvey, James Schmidt, and Ray Carter


January 14; Appeal to leadership of Good Shepherd Community Church

Letter to Randy Alcorn ( requesting ministry assistance.

February 10; Reply from Randy Alcorn 

March 26; Conflict Coaching & Mediating Training

May 6-10; Correspondence with Peacemaker Ministries


February 2;  Appeal by Stephen Kurkinen to Randy Alcorn 

March 3; Appeal by Ken Strang to Randy Alcorn 

2012; Appeal by Matt Rose to Randy Alcorn 

Sign my petition for justice served by convening a spiritual court

Further, let the man who gave me the most meaningful reply, Randy Alcorn, founder of Eternal Perspective Ministries and father-in-law of Pastor Dan Franklin that substantial justice is demanded by convening a spiritual court of justice to resolve a matter concerning a violation of law of Jesus Christ against Barry Durmaz. 

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