Barry Durmaz v. Ken Myers

In this church court, the injured party, Barry Durmaz, makes the following complaint against Ken Myers

for lies, theft, and murder against Barry Durmaz to the financial detriment of his company in the same market as Ken Myers. 

Accomplices in this case for failing to mediate the sole remedy for resolving controversy are Dan Franklin, Bob Dorsey, Jim Dawson, Denny Garvey, James Schmidt, Gregg Harris, and Steve Wells. 

Timeline of Events


May 26; Appeal to my elders Denny Garvey, James Schmidt, and Ray Carter


January 14; Appeal to leadership of Good Shepherd Community Church

Letter to Randy Alcorn ( requesting ministry assistance.

February 10; Reply from Randy Alcorn 

March 26; Conflict Coaching & Mediating Training

May 6-10; Correspondence with Peacemaker Ministries


February 2;  Appeal by Stephen Kurkinen to Randy Alcorn 

March 3; Appeal by Ken Strang to Randy Alcorn 

2012; Appeal by Matt Rose to Randy Alcorn 

Vote for a resurrection of justice via the convening of church court in the above stated case. 

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