Church Government


Resurrecting Church Government to
Overcome Ecclesiastical Strongholds

The Local Self-Governed American Christian Church

Exercising the three functions of government: 

Planning, Executing, and Judging for Themselves


Proclaiming spiritual liberty is the divine mission of the church, which is the voice of conscience to family and state. Conversely, evidence of a false gospel preached is oppression, powerlessness, and corruption by proud men occupying leadership positions—a present reality. The glorious and victorious governmental arm of the Lord Jesus Christ is reduced to ecclesiastical bureaucracies. Here is where we get to why family men displace their Christ-masculine authority. 

“Christianity has a masculine message of a husband who laid down His life for His bride. But we have an effeminate church preaching an effeminate gospel, proclaiming Jesus as Savior while ignoring His command for male rule in His kingdom.” 

—Zachary M. Garris; Masculine Christianity; p. 27

“…think about the connotations of sitting, listening passively, and being led. Is that more compatible with maleness or femaleness? There, in a nut-shell, is why today’s church attracts more women than men. Women don’t feel a need to prove their womanhood. Men, on the other hand, have an astonishing psychospiritual need to prove their manhood over and over and over. And sitting in rows doesn’t do it. 

Paul comments that “it is disgraceful for a woman to speak in the church” and to teach men. I suspect the main reason he was so extreme on that point is that it kind of puts men in the posture of women. Tragically, we today have put men in the posture of women—not by placing women over them, but by placing other men over them in debilitating ways. With the same net effect!

Christian men have a general reputation as being less like John Wayne and more like good ol’ Charlie Brown.…You don’t produce “real men” by making them sit in rows and listen for seventy years. You do it by making them stand up and boldly proclaim what’s in their hearts and in the Word.” 

James H. Rutz; The Open Church; p. 174–175


It is my multi-decade experience that instead of remaining faithful to proclaim liberty throughout all the land—inspiring men to take action as men and inspiring women to take action as women, leaders in the church have displaced its revelatory and spiritual calling for an earthly one of professionalism and commercial/state identity. Thus the all-powerful Jesus, Head of His own body, has been displaced for a figurehead. 

I know by real-world evidence that men who preach and teach of a future hope in heaven while accommodating the evil empire are strengthening the hands of evildoers. By embracing socialism and any of its idealogical cousins, these men deny the power of the King to govern them in the “Now faith is…” reality of Christian self-government. 

The King’s gospel law is a call to well-ordered liberty.* This advance of the King’s mission was the work of the early church (33 AD–3rd century AD), the Protestant Reformation (1517–1620), and America’s founding era (1620–1820), resulting in hope to all the people of the nations who immigrated here for liberty and freedom.

However, when the church is no longer the salt and light of the land, the Head of the church declares that we have become “good for nothing but to be thrown out and trampled underfoot of men” (Matt. 5:13). In other words, when all the religious activity of meetings, sermons, buildings, people, giving, etc. that ought to be good for something fails to preserve the land in virtue relationally, economically, and governmentally, Christ says we are good for nothing. 

Being good for nothing bothers my conscience. It has for many years. Reading, rereading, contemplating, meditating, and reflecting on these indicting words of Jesus Christ eventually moved me to no longer be part of this gross ineffectiveness of the Christian faith. I took to heart the truth that the head of every man is Jesus Christ. In other words, my individual obedience to Christ is not subject to anybody. Nobody! Rather, I owe unlimited submission and obedience to my Beloved as evidence that I am His and He is mine. 

Jesus is Lord of the conscience. It is my experience and conclusion that Jesus Christ will honor a man’s faith regardless of what others do or don’t do. My life over the past twenty-five years is proven fact that He honors the conscience of the individual who loves Him enough to actually obey Him. He said His commandments are not burdensome (1 John 5:3), so there is no excuse for disobedience to Him Who redeemed my soul from eternal condemnation. 

If you choose to get to know me and how I led my household these past twenty-seven years—most especially the last ten—through spiritual, relational, material, and financial wilderness, you will learn of the EVIDENCE I have that King Jesus honors his men of conscience to the utter befuddlement of the naturally-minded onlooker. 

My family has suffered much loss at the hands and mouths of false brethren and false teachers—men who promise hope of the King’s government for the future but who have no faith to surrender to His government today.** That is not demonstrating the love of the King for His people but is a deception to neutralize in them the King’s power to overcome false, seeable lawgivers (idols). I address this phenomenon in a burden I received from the King and presented to a gathering of the King’s people in Newville, Pennsylvania entitled “No Courts—No Justice”. You can access this word of the King online at our family ministry site: Watch or listen to this poignant word of the Lord and then share it with your circle of influence. To the degree that there are no courts of justice in churches, falsehood, theft, and murder prevail in our communities. I’m speaking by personal experience of having been murdered at least four times. Watch the video “No Courts—No Justice”. 

Therefore, I am no longer willing to support men and women who choose to play church as a temporal, finite game instead of as the governmental administration of the King. Hence, my message “No Courts—No Justice” is the beginning of casting abroad authoritative teaching to faithfully represent the heavenly Father’s right that His kingly Son possess a body that refuses to accommodate the satanic world order. Therefore, my family is meeting with other believers in the authority of the risen King to unite under His divine law of love as a work of genuine unity among His saints. We fellowship together, affirming the following realities:

  • A revelation that Jesus Christ is alive evidenced by…
  • …agape and phileo love as evidence that the King is alive from the dead
  • Eating the King’s bounty of the Lord’s supper as a full meal
  • Worshipping in Psalms, Hymns, and Spiritual songs
  • Every man contributing to the building up of the King’s body through psalm, teaching, a tongue, a revelation, an interpretation…(I Cor. 14:16). 
  • Equipping families for the work of serving others to live in the King’s government
  • Recovering the distinction between church meetings and ministry meetings 
  • Praying for and exhorting the state to protect family and church
  • Training men to govern their families according to revealed law 
  • 24/7 reality of community fellowshipping
  • Continued reforming for an increasingly beautiful adornment of the holy bride

Raising awareness with Contextual Models

  • “No Courts—No Justice”
  • Rule of Men vs. Rule of Law”

Instituting Church Courts

When the body of the King is unified locally, it will then possess the corporate authority to serve the state as the voice of conscience. That’s why loyal believers of the King in this country will marinate on the mighty works of the Lawgiver in America. 

One of my conclusions about our country is that even though liberal Democrats (socialists, Marxists, communists, etc.) and conservative Republicans (socialists, feminists, statists, etc.) are responsible for where our country is, Christians are most responsible for the conduct and quality of America. That is because the church of the Lord Jesus Christ is the voice of conscience to all areas of life. When the nation is corrupt and lawless, it did not begin in the schoolhouse, courthouse, statehouse, or White House. The church house is MOST responsible, for it alone is “the ground and pillar of truth”. 

Second to the church house is the man’s house because the home is the first jurisdiction of law, government, and freedom. In the beginning God created the family first as the foundation and training center of well-ordered liberty for the church and state levels. Hence, you are receiving this ministry case statement as the overflow of well-ordered Christian liberty in my household. 

*Gospel liberty: Galatians 5:1, 13; 2 Peter 2:19–20

** “NOW faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” —Hebrews 11:1

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