Contextual Model for American Christian Principles of Government

Friends and countrymen of America,

This brief post is to conclude and sum up the four-part series on the American Christian principles of our government. It was intended to be a seven-part series, one week for each of the seven principles. However, Sean Morgan reached out to me for him to come back to the podcast. I suggested that I interview him to tell his story of how he is perfecting his household governance. 

Sean thought that was a good idea, and I am simply waiting for him to schedule that interview. 

Until then, and moving forward, attached here is the contextual model for your contemplation of the seven governmental principles lost to most Americans in our modern era. These American Christian principles of government are lost to America because that single body of people that is MOST responsible for the conduct and quality of the nation—namely Christians—are ignorant of these mighty works of America's King Jesus.  

To be ignorant of our own history, which is packed with world-overcoming victory for today, is to be brought under the judgment of foreign nations and powers by the chastising hand of a loving heavenly Father. When Christians reject the mighty works of Jesus Christ in their own land, then why should the people be free?

Nevertheless, understanding just the first principle of individuality launched me into a new trajectory of life and living so that my life and family are dedicated to proclaiming the King's most excellent news that He is alive and has never ceased working His works, such as these seven biblical principles of self and civil government.

They are being violated to America’s demise—beginning in a householder's government.

Enjoy this download and share feedback as you are able. I also recommend you go back and listen to the podcasts of the first four principles. Those principles of Jesus Christ have utterly turned my world right side up. 




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