Fulfill​ Your Duty to God and Country

Do you want to truly understand and appreciate what America stands for? Life and liberty are war, conflict, and hardship. Ease, comfort, and passivity are not the American way. Excessive consumption of games and entertainment is not the breakfast of champions. The character of a free people, a free nation is born out of persevering in adversity, trials, and difficulty.

The harsh winter of 1620 claiming the lives of 50 out of the 102 Mayflower Pilgrims could have jeopardized what William Penn called the “experiment in liberty.” How would you like to set out on a never-before-tried endeavor and lose half of your team, half your family? You wouldn’t find that encouraging, would you? Yet the foundation of American courage is family-based endeavors of fighting a good fight. Understand that, and you will partake in both the spirit and heritage of our pilgrim and founding era fathers.

“All great and honorable actions are accompanied with great difficulties and must be both enterprised and overcome with answerable courages.”

Governor William Bradford, 1647

                  “Of Plimoth Plantation”

The 167-year history (1620-1787) of America’s beginnings is the foundation by which it was erected on the world scene, a nation known as the first of its kind. Where the greatest freedoms for the individual were won through decades of adversity, America exists “…for ye glory of God, and advancement of ye Christian faith…” (Mayflower Compact, 1620); America exists “…with firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence…” (Declaration of 1776); America exists “…to secure the Blessings of Liberty…by the Unanimous Consent of the States…in the Year of our Lord 1787…” (U.S. Constitution; D.C.’s job description).

It is the American liberty-lover and particularly the American Christian liberty-lover who understands that warfare is inescapable. There is a difference between knowing something by information and knowing something by experience. Book learning, conferences, teaching, even the weekly sermon are deceptively alluring to any of us who know America is in demise.

Talk is Cheap and Risks Nothing—the Legacy of the Armchair Quarterback

It seems so many are good at calling plays to move the ball down the field for a win. However, books, conferences, and the like subtly transfer the reality of warfare into the “imaginary battlefield.” Talk is nothing if there is no corresponding action. Talk for talk’s sake is a form of deception. Talk alone gives a false sense of accomplishment. Modern America gave birth to the phenomenon of talk radio. But if such talk tends only to hearing, it is a form of deception.

Understanding must lead to consistent incremental changes to one’s life, family, business, church, and civil jurisdictions. However, men have been emasculated by tea, coffee, and cookies—been neutered to be “civil” and mild in a day when the murder of the unborn tolls at over 60 million dead. In an age of purported civility, we are one of the most barbaric nations in the history of man. Something is deeply amiss. Yet, the Author of Liberty is never without preparing people to lead others out of the ruins of Roman civil law.

Men do not know what to do with their testosterone and are conditioned to be little more than sperm donors, perhaps since the close of WWII. Men have been neutered from engaging in exploits for noble causes to focus on an excess of entertainment, sports, and accumulation of personal wealth.

Team sports are not evil. At the same time, if you do not understand the meaning of sports, you’ve been neutered by government education—intended to produce compliant, non-thinking, non-risk-taking drones. Sports are a metaphor for warfare: two opposing sides engaging for nothing other than to WIN the conflict. And notice that no games and certainly no wars are ever won on defense. Victory is achieved only on offense.

This neutering and emasculation of genuine manhood—manhood which engages in exploits of everyday life and living—is so prevalent in society today that it defies everything I know as one who strives and struggles to be a responsible, obedience-oriented, God-fearing man in a time of local and national distress. With my very life I value the 150-year founding of Christian self-government. Every effort to deny God’s purpose for manhood is evil and must be resisted lest the current judgments on America be not removed and we experience greater humiliation on our land. Why? Because as a nation, men are more in touch with their feminine side than their masculine side. However, today I am inviting you to stand arm-in-arm as an American patriot with manly men of courage and women of virtue. The hope is that the one true God always preserves a remnant in times of national distress.

I understand it is frightening at times to know exactly what positive ACTION you can accomplish today and tomorrow and the next day…. The hope for you is that the Lawgiver of our  Founding Fathers, Who is the Lord Jesus Christ, is raising up a work to execute justice against local, state, and federal organized crime for breaking OUR supreme law of liberty—the Constitution of the United States. The long arm of justice is God-fearing people in voluntary union for revitalizing America’s greatness! We The People must take action for an America restoration starting with your family.

Your family is key to elevating what is good for domestic tranquility. Rather than place undue focus on what is going on in the Whitehouse, the courthouse, or the schoolhouse, be more concerned about what is going on in your house. The family is the building block of a healthy society.

Friend of America, you are not alone in fighting this good fight of courage, virtue, and liberty. There is relational support; there is a mighty work of godly unity to see that America again is one undivided nation.

This is your call-up to join my family of seven and other families and individuals to serve God, the true Lawgiver and our country, which, though certainly not perfect, produced the greatest freedoms for the individual yet under good law. In America, liberty is the law.

As for me and my house, talk for talk’s sake ceased well over 20 years ago. Talk for training and corresponding ACTION is a declaration that you are fighting the fight for our nation’s trajectory from your meal table and living room —preserving the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our posterity.

Read the Declaration of 1776 afresh, cry out to the Supreme Judge of the world and repent for any slothfulness on your part. Make it your profession, “ I will fulfill my duty to love God and love my neighbor—my country!” So help me, God.

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