Hello, my name is Josiah. I am fifteen years old as of 2020. I was born on May 20, 2005. I am the third born of my five siblings and I am also the only boy. My family and I are currently living in Branford, Florida. My father delivers for Full Circle Farm and sometimes I go with him to help.

I am the mail fetcher, garbage changer, car detailer, kombucha maker, household fixer, researcher of some items and other tasks. I like to fix and repair items. I love to read, the outdoors, exploring, nature, and animals. I help my father by maintaining tools and repairing them like electronics and appliances. I research for him too. I help him further our family business ministry.

In fact, my father has recently recognized me and training me as the Quartermaster for the Durmaz Household Embassy. The role of Quartermaster is vital for victory in any military campaign. The motto of the Quartermaster corps is "Supporting Victory". That is what I am found doing for my father's family government.