Liberty & Buddy


Howdy! My name is Liberty Hikari Durmaz. I’m the third girl and fourth child in my family.

I help our family by cooking, cleaning, gardening, playing with my siblings, etc.

I help Papa by labeling his folders, filing his papers into his timeline, and exercising self-government.

I have a passion for writing stories, especially about horses, knights, and maidens. I've written short stories, novels, scripts, and poems. I delight in archery (especially on horseback), sword fighting, swimming, learning survival skills, farming, hiking, nature observation, riding, and many other outside activities. I also enjoy spying (for the right cause), detective work, playing the piano and ukulele, reading, and cross stitch.

Of all my passions, my passion for horses is one of the strongest. My family does not yet own a gorgeous equine, but Lord willingly, someday, sooner than later, it’s my dream to claim a horse for my own. There are many breeds out here, but my favorite is the Icelandic. Though the horse is my favorite, I love almost all animals. (Not giant spiders, bull sharks, and the like!)

Another passion I have, is training dogs. Currently I train and own a young dog named Buddy. I believe he is a Plott Hound, but I’m not sure. You see, I didn’t have Buddy from puppyhood. He was given to me by his previous owner when I trained him from a crazy rouge to a calm companion. He still has places to work in, but we all do, and training is never really finished. He had been a blessing in my life. God has used him to teach me many things and continues to do so.

There is another passion I have, this one stronger than training dogs. It is becoming a natural vet. I don’t really plan to be a paid vet, but to be a vet for my own and my friend’s animals. It’s also my dream to become an assistant to a christian, natural vet, someone who can teach me more about God while learning veterinary skills.

I’m also interested to midwifery and human healing.

I and some of my siblings also plan to breed dogs. Not just any dogs, but heathy, happy, and purebred dogs.

In everything, God is there. To God be the glory!


Buddy’s Bio

Woof! Woof! Aarooooo! As you can see from my welcome, I am no human. I am a dog. I am Buddy, mascot and currently sole dog of the Durmaz family. I’m under the charge of Miss Liberty. Miss Liberty trains and takes care of me.

I once was very, very bad, I did many things: run away, jump fences, break a door, jumped on people, and other roguish deeds. Then Miss Liberty came into my life and changed me into becoming a self-governed canine. I now know many commands such as, sit, down, stay, come, slow, paw, and speak.

I’m still naughty sometimes and I get disciplined. That hurts. But when I know Miss Liberty is pleased with me, I feel very good. My favorite things to do are: hunting small animals, tracking, chasing the laser, and eating. Well, it depends on the food. Some of my favorite foods are: raw beef heart, raw butter, and raw steak cubes.

Well, bye! Bow wow!

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