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  • commented on The Power of Love Over Anger and Cursing (Part 11) - Episode 34 2022-04-28 10:00:28 -0400
    I absolutely LOVE IT when you say “the game is on now” between satan and the Holy Spirit when strongholds manifest against us. Total truth.

  • commented on The Power of the King’s Love (Part 6) - Episode 29 2022-03-27 02:12:34 -0400
    Loved this podcast! Brought tears a couple times-so much unraveling of meaning. I want more in depth discussion. Keep up the wonderful podcasts!! Prayers for Sean and family.

  • commented on The Power of the King’s Love (Part 2) - Episode 25 2022-02-26 22:53:49 -0500
    Victoria is very articulate, rounded and demonstrates a great character of faith. She is very well spoken. Thank you both for continuing your show in absence of Sean. Great information.

  • commented on Year-end Family Dominion Planning and Review (Part 3) - Episode 22 2022-01-11 17:45:37 -0500
    Totally awesome episode!! Thank you both for working together to bring a better understanding of Christ’s character. I love Barry’s in-depth way of teaching and Sean’s precise summarizing of each lesson. I especially love the way you two approach each subject by gently teaching from a matter-of-fact, down to earth angle. You are putting words and thoughts to emotions I can not articulate very well. Thank you so much. I am finding that I am sharing your episodes with other family members and taking notes for myself to further reflect upon throughout the week. I would love to hear more on this agape/phileo love and apply it to more circumstances in my life with a better understanding. I am so glad you both have started Sunday Scriptures. And can not wait for next Sunday’s teaching.

  • commented on The Patriotic Duty of American Christian Mothers 2021-12-20 09:07:32 -0500
    This is a great article. I supported and encouraged these values as I homeschooled my boys. It takes Christly character to maneuver in and around our modern culture. And mother’s are absolutely a perfect way to train up our children with character, value and morales.

  • commented on Resurrecting Masculine Christianity: The Rise of Feminism and the Erosion of Masculinity (Part 4) - Episode 19 2021-12-20 08:30:48 -0500
    Excellent show/discussion. Keep going. I love how you and Sean are delving into the “meat on the bone” approach. It touches on real life topics, something that is glazed over in our culture. I love listening to all the perspectives on biblical values as it applies to our modern world.

  • commented on Resurrecting Masculine Christianity (Part 3) - Episode 18 2021-12-13 00:18:27 -0500
    Great show. I especially found the ending about each man mattering and having self-worth in Christ! So excellent. Men need to hear this! And believe this!

  • commented on Resurrecting Masculine Christianity (Part 2) - Episode 17 2021-12-08 01:33:11 -0500
    Loved the show. Very interesting what Victoria presented about earlier women. I would love to learn more about their character and strength. Thank you for the presentation. Loved it!