I EXPERIENCE phenomenal control over all my data, commitments, opportunities, and projects. I now excel at execution. There are fewer things on my mind due to Daylite's automation features. I manage both my business and family life with Daylite, an integrated solution for information management. 

When I realized my peace, sanity, and time were worth protecting and was fed up with complaining to my wife about a piece of garbage software I was currently using, I did not have a solution to replace it with. It wasn't until I threw the gauntlet down that there had to be something for the Apple Mac that was serious for running my small business did I discover my new-found love—Daylite, created by Marketcircle.

I have emotional scars from using other programs at $2100! That’s how bloody it got, how costly. But for a precious fraction of the cost with Daylite, I have peace like a river flowing out of my personal and professional commitments. I am in control. Thank you, Marketcircle!

This year marks my fourteenth anniversary with my new love, Daylite. She has been so good to me. She is flexible, customizable, expandable—able to take on new tasks and projects without fuss. It's been a peaceful fourteen years since our relationship began, and God forbid that I would do anything intentionally to betray that relationship.

It wasn’t long after being introduced to Daylite that her hidden capabilities came into view. The more time I spent with her, the more I became grateful for her creator. "You mean this company fosters feedback from the experience I am having with their prize creation? You mean I can have a hand in the engineering enhancements beyond what she is doing for me today? This is phenomenal!”

It has cost me dearly to arrive at a place of peaceful productivity—this speaks to the warfare surrounding bringing increasing order to the jurisdiction of my family and family business. I have the right tools that are serving me today. If you are not currently experiencing such a “relationship” with your digital/computing life, I can most certainly make the appropriate introduction to Marketcircle’s Daylite for the Mac so that you can experience a similar transformational relationship with a functioning digital assistant. No more divorces! I’ve found my true love because she serves me well.  

The shalom of God.

Here's your introduction to Daylite.



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