No Courts—No Justice

Hear the Word of America's unseen Lawgiver

Tremendous evil appears to be prevailing in modern America. But I don't consent.

President Donald J. Trump remains an injured party to a controversy at law. In the last presidential election, the U.S. Supreme Court in a 6-3 vote refused to hear his case. When a man is not afforded a meaningful opportunity be heard, that is injustice.

However, the higher truth is that injustices in the statehouse and court house did not begin there. The distinctly Christian idea of government begins with oneself > family > church > state—in that order.

When injustices prevail in our nation, it is the church and the family that are at fault, but most especially the church which is the voice of conscience to all.

I present you with a STRONG message, preached as the word of the Lord to His people in this hour. The King's people are MOST responsible for the injustices in America.

Download the Contextual Model: NO COURTS—NO JUSTICE

SHARE this word of the King for the repentance, healing, and restoration of God's people to the King. When His people are restored, the nation will be.

Free people—Free nation. It's an undeniable law. 


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  • Barry Durmaz
    commented 2021-10-29 14:30:47 -0400
    This is very encouraging to me, Satomi, that you’re moved to take some kind of action over this case of injustices in my life—one of the King’s men. This is what I am hoping will take place, that whoever has ears to hear what the HOLY Spirit is saying to the true and faithful bride of the King, WILL BE moved to take some action over injustices. Because an attack upon one of the King’s men is the same as an attack on the King Himself.

    I was moved to preach this word of the Lord by faith as a result of what is rising up in my inner man from my early morning prayers. The Spirit of the King is training me to apprehend that when I fellowship with Him before His Throne, there will come actionable direction as evidence that I have been before the face of our unseen King.

    As one of his servants, you bring a very encouraging word out of 1 Samuel 14:7. Acknowledging the Lord is with me is a first action of faith. Preparing my heart and mind is a next action step, and then speaking the oracles of the King is the next.

    The injustice taking place in our city, county, state, and national governments have their origin, root, and correction among those called out of the world order to exercise, promote, and defend the King’s government as the ONLY solution to all of man’s evils.

    It is my observation that an utter spirit of complacency, lethargy, and slothfulness overtakes the masses to remain in the abstract of heaven for the future and remain in inaction—disobedience. But when we do obey the King’s law of liberty, we actually possess more understanding than all our teachers and the aged (see Ps. 119: 99-100).

    Glory to His authority (name) for rewarding His men and women with spiritual understanding for taking risks for Him. He is a King of justice on His land TODAY and He commands His courts to convene in that spiritual governmental arm in the earth called the church.
  • Satomi Hirano
    commented 2021-10-27 02:21:09 -0400
    Your testimony & Word of the Lord bears a strong witness in my spirit and needs to be heard & supported by our spiritual leaders in the body of Christ. Like the armour bearer who protects & gives encouragement in the battle, said to Jonathan in 1 Sam. 14:7, “Do all that is in your heart…” for the Lord is with you! I will share this with as many as the Lord puts on my heart.
  • Barry Durmaz posted about No Courts—No Justice on Barry Durmaz's Facebook page 2021-10-24 08:22:27 -0400