An Open Message to Sheriff Christopher R. Leppler

I was recently arrested and taken to the Lancaster County Courthouse to stand before a judge because I will not consent to the sinners at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The judge was not in. So I was given more paper terrorism to pay their extortion fees based on public law Title 75 Vehicle Code violations, which unequivocally does not apply to the retained rights jurisdiction of the private People.

An administrative vehicle code, which you've likely never read, does not apply,

  • Biblically
  • Historically
  • Constitutionally
  • Administratively

to the People in their private activity. If you want a foundational understanding over the driver's license fraud and criminal extortion by the DOT and DMV, be enlighted watching my video message to my county Sheriff.

If you are encouraged by this video presentation, please share it. To those living in the jurisdictional boundaries of Lancaster County, if you want to see a resurrection of freedom in everyday living, share and promote this video and let's unite as Americans of virtue to overcome the political divide of socialism, Marxism, and communism. That is exactly what I am experiencing today—made safe before the wrath of the Holy Lawgiver.


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