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Resurrecting Individual and National Freedom from Your House

Ever wished something could be done to better maintain the peace of your home? Do you feel like maintaining order is like grasping for the wind? How do parents direct the energy of children for getting things done on time, and with excellence? What solutions exist for your family to turn back the tide of societal breakdown?

In this book you’ll discover:

• Why your home is the incubator of reviving America’s freedom.

• A unified parenting tactic for greater marital harmony

• How fathers can lead their home with greater effectiveness

• How mothers provide leadership support

• How to automate responsibility training with your children

• Why order, not chaos, prevails in the distinctly American Christian home

• How to identify and overcome enemies to America’s freedom 

• A tool that makes all of the above a reality and more. 


Who is this book written most especially for?

Parents who profess faith in Jesus Christ

  • who desire to experience victory in their children’s education 
  • are ready to experience that less is more
  • who are burdened for our broken nation to be healed
  • who love America and want to see her free again
  • who want to live the authentic American Dream

America’s freedom is not a republican solution or democratic solution, but it is certainly a governmental solution—beginning in your house. 

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