Tools for Rebuilding your Family Government out of the Ruins of Babylonian Captivity

Our Services & Processes

Build Your Self-Government

    • Experience spiritual liberty and liberty of conscience
    • Spiritual/Devotional life 
    • Discovering your life purpose
    • Receiving answers to specific prayers
    • Superior communication practices
    • Experience spiritual liberty and liberty of conscience
    • Prioritized the important from the non-important
    • Overcome debilitating relationship problems
    • Identify, strategize, and eliminate entanglements of men
    • Greater productivity by doing less

Rebuild Your Marital Union

    • Marriage Vows
    • The Many Blessing of my spouse
    • Know my spouse better
    • Household Management Terms

Excellence in Child Training & Development

    • Greater peace and productivity
    • Home-based freedom education for children
    • Develop the economic vitality of your family
    • Peacemaking
    • English language mastery training

Household Governance

    • Floor-to-ceiling household and business organization
    • Neutralize public safety officers for meddling with your liberty
    • Greater productivity by doing less
    • Abate a SUMMONS TO APPEAR by writing papers state lawyers cannot answer
    • Article writing
    • Proofreading 
    • Marketing
    • Spreadsheet and accounting

Business Development

    • Gaining control over all your commitments
    • Eliminating stress through trusted management systems
    • Workflow systems
    • Automating of pesky repetitive tasks
    • Project management & Property Management 
    • Document management, archival, and retrieval systems
    • Ethically defy discrimination laws to hire the exact person you need
    • Stop using Social Security Number to regain your privacy
    • Proofreading documents

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