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Welcome to the resource pages for the book What Is An American.

IMPORTANT: This page is for those reading or who have read the book. But this page also allows readers to share with others the numerous contextual models in each chapter. This site contains world-overcoming documents, contextual models, audio, and tools referenced in What Is An American. 

The resources are evidence of fulfilling the book's promise—identifying whether you are a Pretender, Pirate, or a Patriot of the King's Freedom.

Therefore, if you landed on this page and don't have the book, you can purchase a copy in our store. It is not available quite yet but you can certainly get on the waitlist. 

Chapter 1: The King of Freedom
Chapter 2: True Freedom
Chapter 3: Manufactured Freedom
Chapter 4: Enemies of Freedom
Chapter 5: Conflict The Guardian of Freedom
Chapter 6: Christians: Pretenders vs. Patriots of Freedom
Chapter 7: WANTED: Dead to Slavery AND Alive to Freedom
Chapter 8: Your House is Key to America's Freedom

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Your house is key to America's freedom

Virtue is taking effective action in the resurrection of freedom. Share the resources on this page with your family, friends, and foes. 

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Gift copies of my new book to your family, friends, and foes, What Is An American. Purchase copies in the store. It is not yet available, but you can certainly get on the waitlist. 

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