The Power of Love - If You Lose Your Love, You Lose Your Power (Part 12) - Episode 35

Why should you excel at exercising, promoting, and defending the King’s love? Because without it, you are not in genuine service for the King and His government, which is self-government.

The King’s love operating in your life provides the motivation and energy to take action against every evil against your life. Therefore, if you lose your love for King Jesus, you lose your power to serve Him when it truly counts.

Daniel 11:32 states, “The people who know their God shall stand firm and take action.”

Download an outline of this 12-part series

This is the concluding episode of the series “The Power of the King’s Love.”

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Download the contextual model: Evidence for Authentic vs. Counterfeit Faiths.  

Download the contextual model: “The American Christian Home Suffers the Authority of America’s Unseen King.”

Download the contextual model:Pagan_vs._Christian_Era.pdf 

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