The Power of the King’s Love (Part 6) - Episode 29

In today’s episode of Sunday Scriptures for Patriots, I demonstrate how Jesus never used words to say “I love you.” Rather, He demonstrated love by His acts of obedience to His heavenly Father.

Much of Christendom today is unwilling to experience suffering for their faith in Jesus Christ. Yet suffering is an act of obedience described in First Corinthians 13. I give real-world examples out of my life how my suffering for Him is evidence that I love Him, that He loves me, and that together we are overcoming attacks to His kingdom self-government.


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  • Barry Durmaz
    commented 2022-04-03 07:56:34 -0400
    Unraveling of meaning…yes. I believe people who have been liberated by our unseen King have the most meaningful things to say, to teach, to preach, and to demonstrate from mountains high and valleys low so that authentic leadership and justice may rest in the hands of the King’s men in protection of our wives and children.

    The evil empire has nothing meaningful to say—it only manipulates the ends it wants to the oppression and tyranny of the King’s people. May your continued enthusiasm, Lisa, be exceedingly contagious.
  • Lisa Williams
    commented 2022-03-27 02:12:34 -0400
    Loved this podcast! Brought tears a couple times-so much unraveling of meaning. I want more in depth discussion. Keep up the wonderful podcasts!! Prayers for Sean and family.
  • Barry Durmaz
    published this page in Leadership 2022-03-22 08:17:50 -0400