The Power of the King’s Love & Suffering (Part 8) - Episode 31

The love of America’s unseen King suffers. That means men and women who are of the King Jesus Christ also suffer as they exercise the King’s authority in their respective jurisdictions and callings.

Many a man and woman shun suffering and therefore fail to understand the first fundamental truth of the power of this divine love.

In today’s episode of Scriptures for Patriots, I delve into how this love is the answer to every person who opposes your life and is thus the answer for the repentance, healing, and restoration of the King’s land today. Whether you live in America, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Scotland, Turkey, etc., where the King’s perfect law of liberty is proclaimed, you are called to love and suffer for His interests. 


This episode also includes a new contextual model for download, “The American Christian Home Suffers the Authority of America’s Unseen King.”

Request the free book His Great Love and booklet The Fellowship of His Sufferings by T. Austin-Sparks from Emmanuel Church—

Address: 12,000 East 14th Street, Tulsa OK 74128-5016

Telephone: 918-838-1385

If no answer, call: 918-437-7064

Email: [email protected]

Download the contextual model: Evidence for Authentic vs. Counterfeit Faiths. 

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