Salutations! (That’s just a fancy way of saying hello.) My name is Victoria. I have the blessed privilege of being the firstborn of my father. As you can probably tell by the first word in my bio, I love words. Yes, I am a logophile and am a personal proofreader and editor to my father. I also enjoy descriptive and narrative writing.

Since I love poetry and music, I play the piano, work on learning the violin and cherish the desire to write poems and compose songs in worship of the One Who died for me and lives again. I delight in singing praises to Him at all hours of the day and night, as others must remind me to keep my voice down.

As one of a family of seven, I have several more loves besides my Father in heaven and my parents and four siblings, including horses and horseback riding, reading (of course!), raising rabbits, playing volleyball with my family and friends, and ultimately, fulfilling the needs and desires of others.

I am available to contract for your proof-reading projects. Reach out to me here