Liberty of Conscience

KEY QUESTION: Are you an American Christian or are you providing aid, comfort, and compliance to America's enemies?

Here is one revealing way to know—take the PEERS Test. 

The PEERS Test is the only professionally validated test of the worldview of individuals in the areas of Politics, Economics, Education, Religion and Social Issues. The PEERS Test reveals a decline in high school and college students over the past several decades who are equipped to hold and articulate a Biblical view in these critical areas that affect our nation’s future. This downward trend has caused the Durmaz family to become ardent advocates for Christian education. Christian children deserve a Christian education.

The test has helped many parents and educators receive a vision for a truly Christ-centered education. In addition, PEERS testing for the past three decades validates America's historic philosophy and method of education, applying the truths of the Lawgiver's revelation at the heart of every subject in the curriculum. This educational approach most successfully produces a Biblical worldview in students.

Barry Durmaz first took the PEERS Test in 2013. Here are his results.

Kyoko's results. 

Victoria's results. 

Joy's results

Josiah's results. 

Discover what you don't know that is actually opposing the American way of life of Christian self-government. Take the PEERS Test by contacting Barry Durmaz: [email protected] or call: 717-902-9440.


The Significance and History of the PEERS Test

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