Year-end Family Dominion Planning and Review (Part 3) - Episode 22

How aware of yourself are you? What does it look like to work out your salvation? 

Jesus the anointed King is the most fully aware Person. Few believers in the King understand that the Christian life is one of increasing removed burdens and destroyed yokes from one’s own life as training and preparation to serve others. 

Sean Morgan and I take a deeper dive into Christian self-government by addressing the four areas of consciousness IQ. We may be saved but still not conscious of our effect on others, thus damaging a credible witness for the King. 

Download the contextual model addressed in this episode

Scriptures Referenced In This Episode:

Philippians 2:12

Luke 10:27

1 John 1:5

1 Corinthians 13:4-8

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  • Barry Durmaz
    commented 2022-01-26 19:51:11 -0500
    Lisa, please forgive me for my tardy reply. When you posted your comment, I had recently returned from a nine-day road trip to Texas to participate in a funeral of a dear friend who died four days before Christmas. Upon returning, I became deeply ill to the point that I was in bed for over a week. It was bad—I had trouble breathing adequately. I ate lots of oranges and drank red wine to aid my recovery. Thank you for your patience while I recover bodily health.

    I am deeply thrilled that the content Sean and I cover is proving helpful to your understanding as a authentic believer in the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

    The fact that you are sharing these episode with people in your circle of influences tells me the content is brining value to your life and others should consider what we are unpacking for the better ordering of any household that considers itself to be Christian.

    That’s great that your ears perked up about the phileo/agape love distinction. Understanding these two loves of Scripture has been to my overcoming attacks to my life and having a clear conscience before the King and people that I am representing Him with the proper motivation, no matter how imperfect I may manifest in His love.

    I will talk with Sean about how we can cover this again in an upcoming episode. How about for Valentine’s Day? That would be appropriate, would it? Let’s see what unfolds. The mighty Lord bless you, Lisa, for your support.
  • Lisa Williams
    commented 2022-01-11 17:45:37 -0500
    Totally awesome episode!! Thank you both for working together to bring a better understanding of Christ’s character. I love Barry’s in-depth way of teaching and Sean’s precise summarizing of each lesson. I especially love the way you two approach each subject by gently teaching from a matter-of-fact, down to earth angle. You are putting words and thoughts to emotions I can not articulate very well. Thank you so much. I am finding that I am sharing your episodes with other family members and taking notes for myself to further reflect upon throughout the week. I would love to hear more on this agape/phileo love and apply it to more circumstances in my life with a better understanding. I am so glad you both have started Sunday Scriptures. And can not wait for next Sunday’s teaching.