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What Is An American

Pretender, Pirate, or Patriot of the King's Freedom?




Looking for academics and theory? This book is not for you. Do you desire the impossibilities of the authentic American Dream to recover your home government from the modern-day slavery of the evil empire? Fasten your seat belt, my friend.

In this book you’ll discover:

REALIZE THAT: America does indeed have a King.

DISCOVER HOW: Americans are properly governed.

UNCOVER evidence that manufactured freedom is not freedom at all.

IDENTIFY and overcome enemies to our self-government way of life.

LEARN how to become liberated and throw off the yoke of America's enemies.

DISCERN why Christians are most responsible for America's degradation.

RECOGNIZE that your home is key to regaining lost freedoms.

Who is this book written most, especially for?

  • Those who are burdened for our divided nation to be healed
  • Those who love America and want to see her free again
  • Those who want to live the authentic American Dream of self-governance
  • Those who want victory over the political left-right deception
  • Those who are serious about restoring America's freedom

America’s freedom is not a republican solution or democratic solution, but it is certainly a governmental one—beginning with yourself.

Want to purchase this manifesto and action guide upon launch? Email me here

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