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What Is An American

How the Virtuous Government of America’s Unseen King
Deals a Death Blow To the Evils of Socialism, Marxism, and Communism

How is it the freest nation on earth has become the land of oppression and tyranny? Slaves must ask permission but free people do not. Ever notice how thin American citizenship is when it really counts? Are you tired of being treated with suspicion simply because you want to keep your affairs private, and that from public bureaucratic agents? What is unique about America that makes it the greatest immigration nation in the history of the world? Is it possible that you are providing aid and comfort to America's enemies and not even know it? 

In this book you’ll discover:

DISCOVER HOW: Americans are properly governed.

REALIZE THAT: America does have a King.

UNCOVER EVIDENCE THAT: Manufactured freedom is not freedom at all.

IDENTIFY AND OVERCOME: Enemies to our self-government way of life.

LEARN HOW: A liberated man is throwing off the yokes of America's enemies.

DISCERN HOW: Christians are most responsible for where America is today.

RECOGNIZE THAT: Your home is key to regaining lost freedoms.

Who is this book written most especially for?

  • Those who are burdened for our divided nation to be healed
  • Those who love America and want to see her free again
  • Those who want to live the authentic American Dream of self-governance
  • Those who want victory over the political left-right deception
  • Those who are serious about restoring America's freedom

America’s freedom is not a republican solution or democratic solution, but it is certainly a governmental one—beginning with yourself. 

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  • Mark Keeler
    commented 2021-12-28 22:19:50 -0500
    I want to be on the list for getting a copy of this book!
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