Declaration of Repentance

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Having read What is an American, I join my name to this Declaration of Individual Repentance as an act of thinking and acting governmentally.

I do not presume a comprehensive knowledge of all the evils committed among God's people, but in my book, I summed them up by lies, theft, and murder. This Declaration of Repentance is likely a work in progress with others who have the clarity they do for demanding justice to prevail among professors of the Christian faith. In my book, I have made an introductory case about the crimes committed by Christians of the letter for being found without the life-giving Spirit.

In the same spirit of those men who've gone before to declare true law from false law, if you are so moved, add your consent to this declaration, and if you have a transgression you would like to see added to this Declaration, please submit that for my family's consideration.

Based on Chapter 6: Christians: Pretenders and Pirates vs. Patriots of Freedom, I no longer consent to the following sins, which suppress and deny the virtue of King Jesus to govern me, my family government, or church government:

  1. Denying the King's remedy for conflict resolution
  2. Denying the privilege of every member of the church to discipline an unrepentant believer
  3. For speculation
  4. For evil suspicions
  5. For suppressing evidence
  6. For leaders lording themselves over the flock of God
  7. For advancing false peace
  8. For blurring the distinctions between church meetings and ministry meetings
  9. For humanistic answers to spiritual problems
  10. For denying the power of Christ by accommodating the evils of socialism, Marxism, and communism.
  11. For promising liberty but are slaves of corruption
  12. For teaching a faith without virtue
  13. For taking away truth through man-made grace
  14. For adding to truth through man-made law
  15. For a form of godliness without the power of virtue
  16. For denying due process
  17. For suppressing evidence
  18. For complying with the traditions of men
  19. For false signs of peace
  20. For being lovers of money rather than lovers of the King and His people
  21. For truncating the Lord's supper to a cold snack
  22. For displacing a using-kind-of-faith with a meeting-kind-of-faith
  23. For reducing Christ to a figure-head 
  24. For working against maintaining the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace
  25. For denominational/non-denominational divisions
  26. For denying the mighty works of Christ in America
  27. For being trampled under the feet of unregenerate men
  28. For a preoccupation with buildings instead of Christ, the builder of His church




Having read What is an American, I join my name

Will you sign?

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