The Power of the King’s Love & Suffering (Part 7) - Episode 30

Conflicts are unavoidable—they are part of the King’s plan to train, equip, and exercise His authority through your life today.

God’s redeemed men and women are not called to make truces with sin and lawlessness but to make war in enemy-occupied territory, beginning with oneself.

God the Holy Spirit gave me a divine download for our continued household and marital union victories!

In today’s episode of Sunday Scriptures for Patriots, I address more fully the Power of the King’s Love and Suffering as applied to the man and woman question. You don’t want to miss this insight and accompanying thinking tool for download.

Download this new thinking tool: The American Christian Home Suffers the Authority of America's Unseen King


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Download the contextual model: Evidence for Authentic vs. Counterfeit Faiths.

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