Tribute to the Life and Ministry of James B. Rose


 September 17, 1931 - January 19, 2019



Mr. James B. Rose is the first man outside my father in an echelon of men who’ve influenced the course and direction of my life for good. James Rose was to me a friend, counselor, spiritual father, and master teacher of America’s Christian history, government, and education. What I heard, embodied in this man, I was not satisfied to limit to a classroom or lecture. James Rose was a man to pursue, and I did so while also embracing his family—thank you for the hospitality, Barbara—and his ministry associates.


I first heard about the man James Rose when I attended a two-week apprenticeship with the Foundation for American Christian Education in Chesapeake, Virginia in 1996. At the foundation, a vision was imparted to me to take hold of American Christian history, government, and education. At the completion of that introductory training, my new passion to pursue what is distinctly good about America was fueled with an invitation to reach out to Mr. James Rose of the American Christian History Institute.


My first time to meet the elder Rose took place in the greater Seattle area at a weekend seminar with Daniel Eby at a church location shepherded by Robert Andrews.


At that seminar I listened intently to Mr. Rose unpack at least two implicating ideas that released in me world-overcoming power:


  • The spirit behind the letter of the law
  • There would be no America if there were no gospel of Jesus Christ


Mr. Rose answered the question, “What makes America, let alone anything, Christian?” He provided the answer of Noah Webster: “…of or pertaining to Christ.” And over the years he’s emphasized that both one’s philosophy and methodology must be of Christ to be considered Christian. I have made that my aim, however imperfectly I manifest that on the mastery path.


After that first introduction, I made it my part-time occupation to pursue the life and ministry of James Rose—to be around him as much as he graciously allowed. From my home town of Portland, Oregon, I made it my aim to travel to Redding, California and other locations as often as he was scheduled to teach.


In the earlier days his first-born son, Jason, worked at the Redding airport. On one occasion Jason secured a special rate for my air ticket, and when I boarded the plane, the stewardess gave me a look over of my presentation standards and invited me to sit in First Class—a first in my life. What a treat to receive such a welcome aboard.


Taken up with a vision of restoring America’s founding-era story of Christ working and governing, I hosted a weekend seminar with Mr. Rose in Portland, Oregon in the winter of 1997-98. His entire family joined him, and I had the honor of introducing to the Roses my Turkish father, who cooked a traditional meal of his homeland.


I was excited to host such a vision-casting event. I was relatively new to this historic understanding of what is good about America. Somewhere in the preparation for the seminar, I came out of study and prayer one day with the clarity of contributing to the instruction. I called Mr. Rose and told him of this slight change to his agenda, and he graciously accepted me having a teaching role. I presented The Character of American Christian Education.


It was in 2001 that my wife and I enrolled in Mr. Rose’s week-long Rudiments course in Santa Rosa, California and co-taught by Miss Katherine Dang. Being the ardent adult student with this new- found love of learning, I didn’t want to lose anything of the depth of instruction. So I audio- recorded the Rudiments course and took the best diagrammed notes I could. I still have them for listening and review today.


The seed that was planted in my heart by the Foundation for American Christian Education continued to grow through the watering of Mr. Rose. And grow it did. I was not satisfied with just taking this in for myself. I felt compelled to get this vision out for reclaiming what America’s framers sacrificed so much for and which subsequent generations have squandered, trampled, and vilified this vast treasury of Christ’s government on His land America. 


It is for that reason that I am eternally grateful for the life and ministry of James Rose—a supplanter of a Christ-denying disposition in the life of Barry Durmaz.


In Mr. Rose’s living room, I submitted an idea to him that I wanted to have a library, a school, or some kind of office in my hometown to expand the vision- casting efforts of James Rose. Well, in his modest self he was marveled by the personal energy I seemed to be still emitting after seven years of marinating in these excellent treasures of Christ’s government on His land America. He counseled me to take possession in my own family first.


Now at twenty-four years since that awakening and counsel, I continue to train my five children to exercise, promote, and defend the government of Christ with evidences on His land America.  The sacred fire of liberty as a witness of Christ wherever I live emanates out of my household government. We are rebuilding out of the ruins of Babylonian captivity, and I do so in honor to my teacher, Mr. James B. Rose.


God’s Principle of Individuality

A Staggering Blow to the Extremes of Individualism


Never in all my life until introduced to the biblical principles of self and civil government did it ever enter my mind that there exists a single truth so powerful, so implicating, so liberating, so utterly world-overcoming as that of individuality. Now I see this unchanging principle operating everywhere—it gives me pause to this day as I honor James Rose. I still, as he would say, “elucidate” this principle to my mind for meditation and reflection.


James Rose was after his students to “take possession” of the right ideas.


If we consider God’s principle of individuality as a first or rudimentary governing truth, I don’t know of anything more transformative that grants me “permission” to be my fully-expressed self. And why is this? Because as James Rose would say, “If this is not of Christ, walk away.”


He understood Christ’s warning about false prophets. A student cannot test the veracity of a teacher by analyzing the letter of teaching alone—scrutinizing every jot and tittle of a man’s teaching ministry. I was even accused by a pastor of placing a filter of government over the Bible.  Such criticism produces death.


Rather, the fruit of the teaching is the issue at hand. What results does the teaching generate? It’s effect—is it good or is it bad? The teaching of James Rose effected an increase of the government and peace of Christ in me to world-overcoming proportions and to the utter befuddlement of the natural mind. James Rose, as was the Apostle Paul, was sent to teach the good news of Christ’s kingdom government. Greater order was maintained in my heart and mind; in my family and in my business. That is the fruit of James Rose.


Every work of God is only good. Jesus Christ went about doing good, healing all who were oppressed because God was with Him.  As a Christ follower, James Rose went about America doing good with the yoke-destroying, burden-removing power of God indwelling him. No man can speak evil of James Rose justly. At the same time he is judged by the clear evidence that his teaching ministry liberated me to submit to the good and peaceful government of Christ—the Perfect Lawgiver.


After twenty-four years of embracing this truth of individuality, it is wholly inadequate to limit myself to declarations of “I believe.” No. Belief alone without corresponding action is a dead letter—a dead faith. Rather, my confession is I know! I have seen! I have tasted, and continue to taste God’s principle of individuality is the very Christ Himself, for He alone is ALL power as the one God working, one God governing, one God ruling and overruling men and nations.


James Rose deposited in my innermost being a measure of Christ in a living fashion that I have come to experience is rare. Simple application of this first governing principle to specific instances in the current American captivity to Roman uniform civil law is a cause of being accused of trouble-making and subjected to professional accusers in our court-houses.


As he taught that “God’s principle of individuality delivers a staggering blow to the extremes of individualism,” this Christ-centered point endows the individual with that strike of balance between unlimited submission to the authority of law as the protector of one’s responsibility and “standing in the liberty wherein Christ sets a man free.”


How many times Mr. Rose would illustrate the creation power of Christ through the individuality of the snowflake? The sameness of every snowflake having six points at ninety degrees, while at the same time the differences, distinctives, and designs on display of no two snowflakes fallen upon the land being the same design or pattern. What unmeasurable, creative power!


I saw how beautifully God worked in James Rose with such a unique and distinctive expression. There was no one else like James Rose, a separate and distinct individual like no other I had met, which gave testimony to the power of Christ working in him.


And though he never said, “Follow me as I follow Christ,” the Holy Spirit caused me to see an utterly attractive work of Christ in James Rose and compelled me to follow, listen, observe, embrace, question, and teach the gospel truths of Christ overflowing in James Rose by the individual expression delegated to me by Christ.


The Holy Spirit used the life and ministry of James Rose to liberate me further in Christ to understand that I’m under no compulsion to be like any other soul on His land called America. Rather, when I am spiritually myself, I am like no other person on the land He created, called Earth. On a land with over seven billion other individuals, my Creator made me diverse, different, and distinct from every other person He also made. I’ve been taught that God is all power, but to know HOW He is all power in my very person continues to bring me victory over the world’s boring sameness of the bland, the blur, and the blob.


Mr. Rose demonstrated how powerful Jesus Christ truly is, and I am still meditating on this truth. Because God’s principle of individuality is of and pertaining to Christ alone, it is very costly to experience such an application of faith.


I’ve been opposed by others that my faith is unbiblical; by elders that they are “concerned” for me because I no longer accommodate false seeable lawgivers in city, county, state, and national jurisdictions; false brethren spying out my economic liberty in Christ in order to bring me into bondage as they are to divulge the property of my labor to complete strangers in public taxing agencies; “violent” severing of relational support in the pagan land Japan; denied meaningful opportunities to be heard; shunned by Christians because their natural mind renders foolish this life-implicating spiritual truth that I am like no other person you see.


Wow! You want to talk about conflict in obeying the risen King? Yes, there’s conflict alright and there is triumph over the domination of fallen men. The story Christ is writing in my heart is about His government prevailing on the land through His summoned called-out ones to appear for duty.


  Indeed, it is temporally and eternally worth living on the Lord’s land under this open heaven. Mr. Rose was used by the Spirit of God to deal a death blow in me concerning the extremes of individualism.




Building upon the Christ foundation of the value of ONE individual, Mr. Rose taught me much about the second world-overcoming principle of Christ’s government—self-government. Mr. Rose repeatedly said in his classroom, “Self-government deals a death blow to the form of government known as socialism.”


A death blow? All the decades prior to sitting under the teaching ministry of James Rose, not a single man in the Sunday or Wednesday pulpit had taught me anything from Scripture about Christ cutting the ties off of socialism.


Yes, a death blow to the evils of socialism! I’ve been meditating on this truth for well over twenty years. Add to this Mr. Rose’s co-master teacher, Miss Katherine Dang, when she taught that “socialism denies the power of Christ.” I thought, “That’s it; all unauthorized activity in business, church, and the state in my life must be cut off! No more accommodating, professional accusers,  terrorists, and the fallen world order.” That is exactly the journey I’ve been on—an insurgence of Christ’s government in me to control MYSELF by His Spirit, not be controlled by fallen men. That is the sacred fire of liberty! It burns up all the dead works of Christ’s enemies.


At my desk I have page after page of notes and handouts from Mr. Rose on this particular principle of Christian self-government. The life and teaching ministry of James Rose continues to remain with me, and I dare say that until I join him in glory in the eternal presence of the King, the contribution of James Rose in the life of Barry Durmaz is one of unending increase of His government and peace—the perfecting of my family government as an embassy for the planet’s rightful Landlord.


As far as I’m concerned, one of the most helpful methods of his instruction was demonstrating the two spheres of God over men using the “T” chart to powerfully illustrate how the gospel of Jesus Christ works internally in the individual and which “gives rise,” he would say, to an external expression. I thank my Lord that He used James Rose masterfully to take an abstract truth and unfold it visually and concretely through his contextual “T” chart models.


To this day I use the simple yet profound method of the “T” chart to explain to my wife and children, believers and unbelievers, inside and outside my home the relationship between the invisible and the visible—the two spheres of Christ’s government—the cause and effect.  I used the “T” chart in my English language school in Japan. One time it was with the parents of a seven-year-old who was unable to control his emotional breakdowns when he didn’t win at language games.


As a result of drawing contrasts and distinctions with the “T” chart, I today apprehend what I didn’t then—a spiritually liberated individual excels in teaching the unseen as evidence that he is in and under the government of Christ—born from above.


Christian Character


James Rose taught me that the Christian is most responsible for the conduct and quality of American national character—that it’s not the conspirators, the one-worlders, or all the machinations of evil-doers that are the primary cause of America’s demise.


Mr. Rose taught me that, yes, though these folks are responsible, it is the believer in Christ who is MOST responsible for the quality of character that I see. In other words it is what I don’t see that is the source of the problem, and therefore the “source and origin, ground and foundation, that from which a thing springs” is in violation and must be repented of.


And repent I did.


I no longer use the stewardship of my time, talent, or treasure to elevate what is wrong with America. No longer so I support the promotion of the Devil’s destructions. I’m under directive not to promote the evil I see, but to be excellent at what is distinctly good. There is none good but the Perfect Lawgiver—the Savior Jesus Christ.




The excellent teaching ministry of James Rose inspired me to regard first that property I don’t see—my conscience. As a good, loving father, Mr. Rose graciously helped me to see how the valuable property given me by God that I cannot see, my conscience, deserves my diligent attention. In his doing so, I had little awareness of the disregard for stewarding one’s conscience the average man and woman have.


One of the effects of embracing this principle is the conclusion I’ve arrived at: “If liberty won’t get what I need and want, then I will not have it!” I do not consent to living on Christ’s land America pretending that I enjoy freedom when in reality they are man-made freedoms privileged to me by seeable false lawgivers (idols). The government of Christ in me has liberated me to a position in Him that I no longer accommodate His rival deities of materialistic business, oppressive church, nor tyrannical state. To do so brings dishonor to the Lord Who is my Shepherd and the man, James Rose, whom my Shepherd has used in my life for twenty four years to not entangle myself with the affairs of this temporal life.


I deeply appreciate Mr. Rose teaching me to handle objections about Christians not being concerned with property ownership when he defended, “It [property] all belongs to God by right of creation; it all belongs to God by right of redemption. But do you have a biblical basis for private property?” I didn’t when I was first your student, but yes, I do now, Mr. Rose, for the allodial Landlord promised, “The meek shall inherit the land.”


Exercising His Authority of His Government on His Land America


After three years living in His land Japan, my family received tremendous hospitality from second-born son, Matthew, and wife, Karen, in Colville, Washington. Before embarking on our move from the Pacific Northwest to North Florida, Matthew invited us for a stay that lasted a good month. The Durmaz family will NEVER forget the generous hospitality of the adult Rose children, cultivated by James and Barbara. I honor them as I honor their father today and for as long as I draw breath. It is inconceivable that I would do otherwise.


As a result of seeing Christ as the source and origin of individuality, self-government, character, and property, a work of His Spirit so welled up in me that I insisted I MUST  live this way in obedience to my Lord and Savior. I MUST live this way in honor to those other men and fathers who pledged their lives, their fortunes, and their sacred honor. What is this way of life? It’s the American way of life of being independently dependent upon God through Christ for those things He requires of me. It’s Christian self-government.


America’s gospel birthright is much more alive in me TODAY as a first-generation American, born to immigrant parents of His lands Turkey and Scotland.


The Scriptures declare this world-overcoming promise that He is a Father to the fatherless. My earthly father, a native of Christ’s land Turkey and former Muslim, was not discipled in what is distinctly good about America though surrounded by many a men in faith settings, church settings, conference settings, meeting settings, etc. Nevertheless, the Hound of heaven supplemented this educational deficiency with James Rose to father me in the ideas, principles, and maxims of those men who birthed, husbanded, and fathered Christ’s land America. I am now equipped to fulfill the second great commandment—to love my countrymen as myself.


Because of the seed truths planted in my heart and mind under my teacher, James Rose—he welcoming me into his home and family life to fellowship and break bread, and to observe him communicate through relational strains, being available to me over two decades, modeling that teaching and learning is the Christ method of building relationship, not book knowledge, conferences, or theory—because of all this, I have forsaken all to follow the Master Teacher, the resurrected UNSEEN Lawgiver. His law is to be at liberty.


As I reflect on the relationship I enjoyed with James Rose for over twenty years, there are precious few individuals who’ve impacted me as DEEPLY as he has. This faithful follower of the risen Christ equipped me to cut off all the entanglements of modern American living that I might be a faithful soldier of King Jesus myself.


Truths have been inculcated in me that dealt a death blow to the tentacles of a materialistic marketplace, an oppressive body of people of faith, and a state that has exceeded its role from governing to tyrannizing, thus NOT TRUSTING IN GOD.


These handful of principles effected a “quickening” and liberating work in James Rose that he often declared, “Whom the Son sets free is free INDEED.” In other words there is no mistaking the believers and followers of Jesus Christ—they are so unlike the unregenerate masses who profess godliness yet are without the power to produce evidence of godliness. The men and women in the government of Christ are a liberated people. They do not accomodate the false seeable lawgivers—they worship the one true God by loving Him with a sacrificially laid-down life and secondly loving their countrymen—the two great laws of love.


I am ONE who stands before a great cloud of witnesses, where now my beloved friend, teacher, and father of the faith is of the glorified redeemed. I love you, James Rose! And I love your family, however imperfectly I render Christ’s love. With tears I miss your presence on the Lord’s land America while you relish His manifest presence in His skies. I ask our Lord to grant me the double-portion of the Spirit’s working in you, my dearly beloved friend of God and of His land America.


At the risk of sounding presumptuous, I pray our Lord will afford me the honor of embracing you at His banqueting table at the great marriage feast of the Lamb. Long live the memory, the spirit of James B. Rose in the Durmaz Household Embassy for Christ! You imparted to us the spirit behind the two great laws of the King—authentic love for Him and love for our American countrymen.


The spirit of James Rose is that American Christian spirit of 1776, repairing the breach in my heart and mind between Christ and the nation, between America’s framers and me, an individual whom it has cost much to become an instrument of healing to our divided union.


Therefore, I am the property of the allodial Landlord, and everything He owns is clean, neat, and functioning orderly—for His own glory, not the vanity of the inflated works of fallen men.


Of these inflated works of men, James Rose instructed me in the spirit behind the letter of American citizenship. I’ve been liberated to obey the law! This is the mark of a freeman. Barry Durmaz has thrown off modern-day yokes of anti-Christian bondage of:


  • Entangling house and land ownership
  • Entangling and invasive business ownership
  • Domestic terrorism by invasive taxing agencies
  • Encroaching state licensure for traveling
  • And much, much more


At a dear price of relationship, prosperity, and even reputation, I have gone in advance of others that others may receive the benefits of the American way of life—the liberty to exercise Christian self-government. Freely James Rose received these world-overcoming principles of Christ’s government from other precious fathers and mothers of the trust settlement in Christ—freely he imparted them to me.


There is only one Lawgiver working in me today what is good. That is Him working, not me. And it was the same Lawgiver working in James B. Rose, a Supplanter of a Christ-Denying Disposition in the Life of Barry Hasan Durmaz.


My brother in Christ, James Rose, you have been sober in all things, have suffered hardship, have done the work of an evangelist, and have fulfilled your ministry, wherein you were called by the Gumption-breath of the Perfect Lawgiver.


“And they that shall be of thee shall build the old waste places; thou shalt raise up the foundations of many generations; and thou shalt be called, the repairer of the breach, the restorer of paths to dwell in.”

—Isaiah, the Lawgiver’s law-talker


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