An Open Message to Sheriff Christopher R. Leppler

I was recently arrested and taken to the Lancaster County Courthouse to stand before a judge because I will not consent to the sinners at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation. The judge was not in. So I was given more paper terrorism to pay their extortion fees based on public law Title 75 Vehicle Code violations, which unequivocally does not apply to the retained rights jurisdiction of the private People.

An administrative vehicle code, which you've likely never read, does not apply,

  • Biblically
  • Historically
  • Constitutionally
  • Administratively

to the People in their private activity. If you want a foundational understanding over the driver's license fraud and criminal extortion by the DOT and DMV, be enlighted watching my video message to my county Sheriff.

If you are encouraged by this video presentation, please share it. To those living in the jurisdictional boundaries of Lancaster County, if you want to see a resurrection of freedom in everyday living, share and promote this video and let's unite as Americans of virtue to overcome the political divide of socialism, Marxism, and communism. That is exactly what I am experiencing today—made safe before the wrath of the Holy Lawgiver.


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World Overcoming Ministry & Government UPDATE: Part 1

After many months of quietly maintaining order in myself and my family's government, I've returned to the video camera to answer a question from a Supporter, Whom am I ministering to? My approach to answering this question is governmental, which is how King Jesus thinks and acts.

Hence, to think and act governmentally is to be conformed to the King's image. In this video update, I unpack the biblical and distinctly spiritual progression of who or what qualifies or disqualifies any man or woman from ministering on behalf of the King. It is the difference between ministering to people with words only vs. ministering in the power of the King's Spirit of liberty.

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Mothers are KEY to America's Freedom

Happy Mother’s Day 2023! For those mothers who desire to mediate the power of the King through their virtuous lives, this leadership update casts a vision towards that end—the distinctly American Christian mother of virtue. The original airing of this podcast was releases for Mother's Day in 2022.

The woman of virtue is clothed with strength and honor, and in this lies her attraction. The woman of virtue is clothed with strength and honor, and in this lies her attraction.This is true no matter if you a new mom, a well-seasoned mother, or a GRAND-mother!

Mothers, if you desire to see America regain her freedom from her enemies, you hold the key to regaining that freedom through the excellent administration and governance of your own home. By your virtuous influence you can nurse America back to freedom.

Read my supplemental article: Nursing America Back to Freedom: The Divine Duty of American Christian Mothers

Read Victoria's blog post: The Power of the King's Love


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Freedom of Association And Travel

How did the common activity of associating with others and engaging in these associations by another common and vital activity of moving your body on the common roads using an AUTO-mobile become a crime in America? The answer is not the evil empire exploiting and manipulating the people to surrender their liberty to self-govern. No. The highest answer is immodest and immature Christians standing spiritually naked, refusing to be clothed in the King's armor to stand against evil, alá Ephesians 6.

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Durmaz Sisters Sing "God Rest Ye Merry, Gentlemen"

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The Epoch Times Article on Income Tax

On October 6th, nationally acclaimed newspaper The Epoch Times published a story about me—about my overcoming the bureaucratic and communistic stronghold of the IRS. As of this date, this article has been commented on 1206 times and shared 3005 times. If you’ve not read it yet, you’ll find it here. 

The comments seem to be consistently divided between those who support my position of cutting off the IRS seventeen years ago and those who oppose my status and standing. I receive my ultimate comfort from the King’s perfect Law of Liberty:

“Stand fast therefore in the liberty by which Christ has made us free, and do not be entangled again with a yoke of bondage. For you, brethren, have been called to liberty….” —Galatians 5:1, 13a (NKJV)

And from the very Comforter Himself:

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Contextual Model for American Christian Principles of Government

Friends and countrymen of America,

This brief post is to conclude and sum up the four-part series on the American Christian principles of our government. It was intended to be a seven-part series, one week for each of the seven principles. However, Sean Morgan reached out to me for him to come back to the podcast. I suggested that I interview him to tell his story of how he is perfecting his household governance. 

Sean thought that was a good idea, and I am simply waiting for him to schedule that interview. 

Until then, and moving forward, attached here is the contextual model for your contemplation of the seven governmental principles lost to most Americans in our modern era. These American Christian principles of government are lost to America because that single body of people that is MOST responsible for the conduct and quality of the nation—namely Christians—are ignorant of these mighty works of America's King Jesus.  

To be ignorant of our own history, which is packed with world-overcoming victory for today, is to be brought under the judgment of foreign nations and powers by the chastising hand of a loving heavenly Father. When Christians reject the mighty works of Jesus Christ in their own land, then why should the people be free?

Nevertheless, understanding just the first principle of individuality launched me into a new trajectory of life and living so that my life and family are dedicated to proclaiming the King's most excellent news that He is alive and has never ceased working His works, such as these seven biblical principles of self and civil government.

They are being violated to America’s demise—beginning in a householder's government.

Enjoy this download and share feedback as you are able. I also recommend you go back and listen to the podcasts of the first four principles. Those principles of Jesus Christ have utterly turned my world right side up. 


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Why I Love America: Self-Governed in the USA

The meaning of being an authentic America is what I love about our country. With the diversity of nationalities, religions, economic status, and political parties, what is the common ground bond that will heal America from its unhealthy divisions to a union of free and independent states? It is being an authentic American as birthed in 1776” 

Many people wrestle with the uncertainty of what is an American, including world-famous music artist Bruce Springsteen. Because of Bruce’s concern for America, which is communicated through his music, he’s been asked in interviews on this pointed question: “What is an American?”

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American Christian Principles of Government—Part 4: Property

Many Americans believe they are free, and that is a good belief to embrace. But if we hold up modern freedom to the lens of the King’s perfect law of liberty, we must deduce that the authentic article of freedom has been replaced with a manufactured version because all freedom begins with the King.

Well over two decades ago, I became thrilled to learn from my American Christian history teachers that freedom and property go together. The evidence of freedom is property.

At the same time, what makes America so unique among the nations of the world is that America is the first nation to embrace the distinctly Christian idea of property.

The Christian idea holds that property is first those substances you don’t see with your natural eyes and without which the property you do see and believe to be yours is not.

The failure to understand the most sacred of all property is why most Christians in America need permission to use and dispose of the goodness of the King in their lives.

Link to the James Rose tribute referenced in this episode.

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American Christian Principles of Government—Part 3: Christian Character

There are two kinds of Christians on the King’s land: those who have words only and those who have the power through their lives to back up the King’s words coming out of their mouths.

Power is where all the kingdom action lies. And that is why divine power in the life of the King’s subjects is guarded by problems and conflict.

In this next installment on the Christ-centered, governmental principles of America’s founding-era, I present how people are either instruments of the King’s virtue unto victory over America’s enemies or instruments of Satan’s degradation unto oppression and Babylonian captivity.

Character is God’s plan for the resurrection of your family government today.

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