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Hasan Barry Durmaz is the author of the forthcoming book, What Is An American? How the Virtue of America's Unseen King Deals a Death Blow to America's Enemies. 

He excels in all things management, governance, and administration. Visit him at his family-integrated business ministry,

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  • commented on The Power of the King’s Love (Part 3) - Episode 26 2022-03-12 16:26:28 -0500
    I praise the Lord, my dear sister in service for our unseen King, that your spirit bears witness with mine over the NON-negotiable terms of the King’s law of love.

    We have the victory in Him to the degree that we are intimate with what He has already said in order to be spared the pain and misery of those who profess to know Him, but disregard the King’s perfect law of liberty.

    The two passages in Hebrews you quote have been to my victory for years in applying by faith the pure blood of our Lord to do what cannot be done without Him. This is shouting ground for me and I trust it is for you and others you speak.

    It’s hard not to be down about the regrets and loses from poor choices. I’ve been there in a BIG way. But at the same time, such loses under the blood of Jesus Christ lose their sting because He is in the business of redeeming ALL things unto Himself.

    Thank you for letting me know that you’ve left comments on Rumble. My problem has been that those podcast videos are rightly on Sean Morgan’s channel. Because of that, I don’t get notifications like I do with my ministry website or my YouTube and Rumble Channels.

    What make sense to me currently is supporters of HE IS to leave comments there, while people who are not supporters but who listen/view on Sean’s channels leave their comments there. I am going to give preferential treatment to respond to my supporters who engage me at HE IS. That can be an incentive for non-supporters to considering joining to support our mission.

    I am going to reply to you on Rumble. But if you’re so inclined to repost your comments on my blog, I will also leave my reply there. Moving forward, Satomi, as you post comments here, perhaps you could copy the link to the post url and paste that on Rumble to help promote the mission of Household Embassy International Services. You want to try that out and see how that works for both of us?

    I’m still learning the ropes of social media and quite frankly, it can be an endless hole with little return. I want to engage our listeners and see how to do that better while continuing to maintain well-ordered liberty at the home front.

  • The Power of the King’s Love (Part 2) - Episode 25

    On this episode of Sunday Scriptures for Patriots, I am joined once again by my eldest daughter, Victoria, as we further unpack the most important subject to master—the virtuous power of the King’s love operating in His people today. What does it look like for children whose father is pursuing the love of Jesus Christ as he leads his family to overcome opposition to his life in service to the King?

    Request the free book His Great Love from Emmanuel Church.

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  • published Funeral of James Roland Wright in Leadership 2022-02-05 18:02:15 -0500

    The Passing of James Roland Wright

    Every once in a while, a vessel of the Lord comes along and imparts the virtue of the King's government in one’s life. One such man in my life was James Roland Wright of Jacksonville, Texas.

    On December 21, 2021, James departed this natural, earthly life for life eternal in the heavenly realms where Jesus Christ is ruling until His enemies are made His footstool. 

    Read more

  • commented on Year-end Family Dominion Planning and Review (Part 3) - Episode 22 2022-01-26 19:51:11 -0500
    Lisa, please forgive me for my tardy reply. When you posted your comment, I had recently returned from a nine-day road trip to Texas to participate in a funeral of a dear friend who died four days before Christmas. Upon returning, I became deeply ill to the point that I was in bed for over a week. It was bad—I had trouble breathing adequately. I ate lots of oranges and drank red wine to aid my recovery. Thank you for your patience while I recover bodily health.

    I am deeply thrilled that the content Sean and I cover is proving helpful to your understanding as a authentic believer in the risen Lord Jesus Christ.

    The fact that you are sharing these episode with people in your circle of influences tells me the content is brining value to your life and others should consider what we are unpacking for the better ordering of any household that considers itself to be Christian.

    That’s great that your ears perked up about the phileo/agape love distinction. Understanding these two loves of Scripture has been to my overcoming attacks to my life and having a clear conscience before the King and people that I am representing Him with the proper motivation, no matter how imperfect I may manifest in His love.

    I will talk with Sean about how we can cover this again in an upcoming episode. How about for Valentine’s Day? That would be appropriate, would it? Let’s see what unfolds. The mighty Lord bless you, Lisa, for your support.

  • commented on Year-end Family Dominion Planning and Review (Part 2)- Episode 21 2022-01-08 14:07:28 -0500
    Hello precious Maria. Thank you for taking time to convey your thoughts and feelings. You are open and self-revealing. That is bold of you and actually a sign of having a measure of spiritual and emotional intelligence. People who are truly born from above are open and self-revealing because the work of the Cross of Christ in them removes all pride that they have it all together. That’s you and I—we don’t have perfect lives but because we are born of the Spirit, we are on the mastery path to perfecting our trust (faith) relationship with our risen King.

    Jesus is the Master of everything, thus individuals who are redeemed out of the depraved and fallen evil empire, have been liberated by a spirit of excellence (Phil. 4:8) to perfect our faith with a reverential fear.

    I see you are hungry for truth, Maria. Bless the Lord God almighty for hungering and thirsting for righteousness (right-headedness). Though you were out of your head that has left you bereft of a husband, through your abiding relationship with the King, you now have access to His righteousness—His Head is the only right head (see Romans 3:4; 1 Cor. 2:16).

    Yes, I can highly recommend a volume among others that will cast a vision for the resurrection of an endangered species, the distinctly American Christian mother. The title is: Letters to Mothers by Lydia Huntley Sigourney.. I will get a copy to you by postal mail. In fact, I will send you an email with a pdf introducing you to this historian of the 1800’s.

    Further, I invite you to read a blog post I wrote for Mother’s Day in 2020: : Feel free to leave a comment.

    By working towards renewing your mind to the American Christian mother, you will, indeed, be throwing off the enemies to our American way of life of Christian self-government. I look forward to seeing you progress in our new faith journey to embrace the government of our King with increasing measures for your household victory, Maria.

    Thank you for your support of this international missionary family to America. Two are better than one.

  • commented on The Patriotic Duty of American Christian Mothers 2021-12-20 20:01:33 -0500
    Glad you enjoyed this read. More importantly, delighted to learn that you’re a home-educating mother. My wife and I have been there now for 21 years. It is so redemptive to learn as a parent teaching our children what we should have learned in our own schooling years but were deprived of such knowledge and the primary source history of the mighty works of God in America.

    America’s heritage of Christian character is what convinced me that if there were no gospel of Jesus Christ, there would be no America. A lack of Christ character in so many men and some women I know personally, it is no wonder our nation is in the slums it is in.

    It’s what Christ said that if our light does not shine we are trampled under the foot of men. That’s where we’ve been for a good 200 years, but I no longer consent to such evil prevailing, hence this family-integrated ministry is born out of the sacrifices for truth Christ reveals to me out of His written law of the spirit—truth is a Person.

    Thank you for your support, Lisa!

  • commented on Resurrecting Masculine Christianity: The Rise of Feminism and the Erosion of Masculinity (Part 4) - Episode 19 2021-12-20 19:51:54 -0500
    Lisa, where you have been all these years!? Your enthusiastic feedback is very encouraging. Thank you, madam!

    So one of the realities about me, is that I avoid the shallows like the plague. I want substantive, meaningful relationships, which do require DEEP communications. That scares a lot of men away from me, and even some women. Nevertheless, I pan for silver until I find GOLD!

    I believe that is who Jesus Christ is. He goes DEEP before taking people wide. The trouble is that’s the narrow way and few go therein. But it is divine life to overcome the decrepit world order that many faith professors have accommodated to their conformity of the world order.

    Haven’t we seen enough of the shallowness of modern Christian faith that is devoid of power to deal a death blow to the King’s enemies? And experience victory TODAY?

    For over 25 years, I’ve been pursuing where I see the King lead me by His Spirit, He will take His children as far as they have faith to entrust Him with all of their life.

  • commented on Resurrecting Masculine Christianity (Part 3) - Episode 18 2021-12-14 15:47:23 -0500
    It is tremendously helpful to receive this kind of feedback, Lisa. You obviously have similar observations to mine about men being regarded for little more than sperm donors. Men need to be called up to a reality much higher than themselves. Producing a people filled with a sense of the King’s destiny includes the following attributes:

    historical vision

    When I consider where we are at as a nation, as a church, and as families, though women and children are responsible, men are MOST responsible and therefore the KEY to resurrecting individual and national freedom.

  • commented on Resurrecting Masculine Christianity (Part 2) - Episode 17 2021-12-11 09:30:05 -0500
    Lisa, since you’re interested to learn more about the character and strength of the American Christian woman, you may be interested to read a post I wrote for Mother’s Day 2020, entitled The Patriotic Duty of American Christian Mothers.

  • published No Courts — No Justice Part 2 in Leadership 2021-12-08 15:41:20 -0500

    No Courts — No Justice Part 2

    The distinctly Christian idea of government begins with oneself, family, church, state—in that order.

    All controversies in those jurisdictions must hold court in order for injured parties and the accused to have a meaningful opportunity to be heard with compelling evidence. When injustices prevail in our nation, it is the church and the family that are at fault.

    The passages of revealed law addressed in this message: Mathew 23:23, Luke 11:42, James 4.

    Download the Contextual Model: NO COURTS—NO JUSTICE

    SHARE this word of the King for the repentance, healing, and restoration of God's people to the King. When His people are restored, the nation will be. SUPPORT and

    LOVE our Mission to America, which is a mission to the nations in America and beyond:

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  • commented on Authority for Economic Liberty (Part 4) - Episode 14 2021-12-04 08:44:40 -0500
    The way a ship is built in modern times to build the hull with bulkheads. That way the ship can take a hit and water will fill up only that compartment sealed off from the remainder of the ship hull. Thus, giving the captain and crew (father and family in my case) time to get to shore for repairs. It’s good to be able to take a hit and not have it sink the entire vessel of family government. That’s how real this is for me and ought to be for all householders.

  • published Turkish Father in About 2021-11-30 14:13:17 -0500

    The Turkish Delight

    Barry's Father: Impossible To Stop



    Eulogy from my dad's funeral in 2007—

    Today in America there is a great debate over illegal immigration into our country. And though the debate over illegal immigration might be new to many of us here today, the reality of illegal immigration is not new to a great country like ours. 

    My father, Stephen Hasan Durmaz, a native of Turkey, arrived in America as an illegal alien. Over the course of years from 1954 to the early 60’s, he made a total of three attempts to enter into America before securing a legal status. 

    On his first attempt he was a member of the Turkish navy when he decided to “jump ship” while they were ported in the New York harbor. His criminal activity was discovered, and soon after he was found and sent back to Turkey.  

    On the second attempt he stowed away on an ocean liner headed for New York. When my father came out of hiding, he realized that he had come out too soon. The authorities turned the ship around and returned him to his homeland of Turkey. 

    It was on his third attempt that he successfully positioned himself to stay legally by marrying my mother, who was a green-card-holding legal resident from Scotland. Through my mother he obtained his get-out-of-jail-free card, although he was still nervous about his newly established legal status and would instinctively dodge approaching FBI agents. 

    To appreciate the character of my father, it is helpful to know a little about the family name—Durmaz. The Durmaz name is made up of two words: maz, which means impossible, and dur, which means stop. To be a Durmaz is to be one who is impossible to stop. That is the Durmaz character. And that was my father—a man with a destiny to leave his country, where Islam is the predominant false religion, for a land that has been ordained to be a light and hope to the nations, a city set on a hill. This is because the gospel of Jesus Christ, which is the proclamation of internal liberty from sin and external liberty from the oppression of man, has had its fullest effect in America like no other nation in history, reaching the highest sphere of civil government—the nation. 

    Another character trait that embodied my father was his love of learning. And that is truly amazing because my father had no formal education whatsoever. In fact, because his father needed his help to build fruit farms in Turkey, my father went no further than an eighth-grade education. Yet despite that apparent setback of the lack of classroom learning, my father taught himself to speak the English language and thereby provided for himself and his family in America. 

    I mentioned earlier that my father served in the Turkish navy. His job was that of radio controller and telegrapher—sending and receiving Morse code messages. When opportunity presented itself, he would turn the dial on short wave to American radio broadcasts—because he was determined to learn the English language. My father had a love of learning. That love has been burned into me, and now I in turn am imparting it to my five arrows. 

    Because my father learned the English language and settled in America, he heard for the first time in his life that he was a sinner with the wrath of a holy God upon him and that the only hope of salvation is through the sacrificial death of the Son of God—Jesus Christ. Years ago I asked my father why he became a Christian, and he said that he knew the truth was not in Islam but in Christ alone. 

    In addition to a love of learning, my father also had a desire to teach his children what he knew. I am so grateful to my father for teaching me the fine art of professional window cleaning—a trade he learned working on high-rise buildings in New York City. Some years after moving to Oregon in 1974, my father took me on window-cleaning jobs with him and slowly built into me a skill that would serve my own family as I built a window-cleaning business from scratch. 

    As a result of what my father did to not simply give me a fish for a day but a fishing pole for life, I have been able to be a source of blessing to other men and their families as I have employed them in the field of professional window cleaning. Some of those men are here today, and I am honored by your presence that you have come to see and hear about the man who put me in business—my father.

    My father had a love and taste for quality. As young children, my three sisters, my brother, and myself learned all about processed food industry terms such as BHA, BHT, preservatives, artificial color, artificial flavor, monodiglycerides, and other difficult to pronounce words.  In our household we did not get to eat those colorful cereals other children enjoyed. We saw the commercials on television, but my father worked hard to feed his children shredded wheat, Grape-Nuts, oatmeal, and has anyone heard of millet? The most exciting cereals we were allowed to eat were Honey Nut Cheerios and Raisin Bran.  

    When it came to enjoying a big pancake breakfast, Mrs. Butterworth's and Aunt Jemima were nowhere near to be found on our table. Only 100% pure maple syrup in a tin can with a picture of a log cabin was on our table. I thank my father for teaching us children the difference between the “real thing” and what he called “imposters”, which are all for the sake of a quick buck. 

    This is another reason that my father rejected false religions for the authenticity of biblical Christianity. He saw the impurity of false religion for what it was in contrast with the authentic taste of the good news of Jesus Christ. 

    With the birth of our children over the last six years, my household was especially delighted to have my father at our meal table. My father served our household these past six years by assisting us with our children—simply by reading to them. They loved to have Grandpa Stephen read good books to them, and he would read to them for over an hour, they failing to comprehend how wearisome that could be to a man in his seventies.

    The last few months of observing my father deal with his deteriorating health and learning of his diagnosis of advanced stage bone marrow cancer, though sad, has been a gift from God. In the last months and weeks of his life, there has been more communication and cooperation among us siblings to serve my father—that was previously foreign to us. I see a new work of God’s Spirit among the Durmaz adult children. 

    We love you, Father, for your unceasing prayers and servant's heart for your children and others around you. We long to see you when we meet again in the heavenly kingdom. 


  • published Family Government in Rebuild 2021-11-25 12:17:48 -0500

    Family Government


    Resurrecting Family Government to 

    Overcome Social Strongholds


    The Self-Governed American Christian Family

    Exercising the Three Functions of Government: 

    Planning, Executing, and Judging for Themselves


    JOIN Household Embassy to gain access and support this vital objective toward your personal and household freedom. 



  • published Church Government in Rebuild 2021-11-25 12:13:03 -0500

    Church Government


    Resurrecting Church Government to 

    Overcome Ecclesiastical Strongholds


    The Local Self-Governed American Christian Church

    Exercising the three functions of government: 

    Planning, Executing, and Judging for Themselves


    Convening Court

    JOIN Household Embassy to gain access and support this vital objective toward your personal and household freedom. 



  • published County Government in Rebuild 2021-11-25 12:08:31 -0500


    Rebuild out of the ruins of Babylonia captivity in State

    Resurrection of County Government To

    Overcome Bureaucratic Strongholds

    Government is G(od)overmen(t)


    A Voluntary Union of Free and Independent States

    Exercising the Three Functions of Government: 

    Planning, Executing, and Judging for Themselves


    JOIN Household Embassy to gain access and support this vital objective toward your personal and household freedom. 



  • commented on No Courts—No Justice 2021-10-29 14:30:47 -0400
    This is very encouraging to me, Satomi, that you’re moved to take some kind of action over this case of injustices in my life—one of the King’s men. This is what I am hoping will take place, that whoever has ears to hear what the HOLY Spirit is saying to the true and faithful bride of the King, WILL BE moved to take some action over injustices. Because an attack upon one of the King’s men is the same as an attack on the King Himself.

    I was moved to preach this word of the Lord by faith as a result of what is rising up in my inner man from my early morning prayers. The Spirit of the King is training me to apprehend that when I fellowship with Him before His Throne, there will come actionable direction as evidence that I have been before the face of our unseen King.

    As one of his servants, you bring a very encouraging word out of 1 Samuel 14:7. Acknowledging the Lord is with me is a first action of faith. Preparing my heart and mind is a next action step, and then speaking the oracles of the King is the next.

    The injustice taking place in our city, county, state, and national governments have their origin, root, and correction among those called out of the world order to exercise, promote, and defend the King’s government as the ONLY solution to all of man’s evils.

    It is my observation that an utter spirit of complacency, lethargy, and slothfulness overtakes the masses to remain in the abstract of heaven for the future and remain in inaction—disobedience. But when we do obey the King’s law of liberty, we actually possess more understanding than all our teachers and the aged (see Ps. 119: 99-100).

    Glory to His authority (name) for rewarding His men and women with spiritual understanding for taking risks for Him. He is a King of justice on His land TODAY and He commands His courts to convene in that spiritual governmental arm in the earth called the church.

  • commented on Episode 9 - The Right To Travel (God’s Law vs. Mans Law) Part 2 2021-10-14 10:15:46 -0400
    Having Sir William Blackstone at one’s disposal is a significant resource of our common law history in North America. I’m not versed much in Canadian history, and unless I am mistaken, I recall you telling me something to the effect that Canada missed an opportunity when America claimed her independence in 1776.

    As the common law in America is our founding body of law to the protection of our lives, our liberties, and our properties, I gather a resurrection of the common law in Canada will throw off the yoke of anti-Christian bondage on the King’s land there.

    When it comes to public transportation, those agencies may likely have the right to set whatever rules they want for their employees, but not sure about passengers. The victory over these encroachments does begin with defining the distinction between public vs. private. This is an area of governance that is important to me. The lawyers have blurred the distinction between public and private. That is how Satan operates.

    Have you considered the use of your own bicycle as a back up? My family has experience living with bicycles for three years in Japan. It was a great experience.

    I recommend you search for an exemption such as religious exception.

    I have a friend in BC who wants to leave for America before the vaccine mandate goes into effect by the end of October. We are working with him to accomplish that.

    Good things are happening with all this upheaval of the state being an evil empire.

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  • published Episode 8 - The Right To Travel Part 1 in Leadership 2021-10-03 08:22:30 -0400